HOT stands for Houston's Own Talent. The organization was founded by Houston's own Malik Rasheed August 10, 1999. HOT is not a record label nor is it some newly formed management group out to sign artists to contracts with a million hidden strings attached.
Our sole purpose is to bring attention to all talented  artists, poets, dancers and visual artists, right here in Houston, whether resident or visiting. We invite everyone to come and join us in our noble effort to provide positive visibility and publicity that will certainly make a difference in the careers of a lot of entertainers, both amateur and professional.

We have a free quarterly magazine that is available nationwide. In addition, our publication is mailed to credible record labels and promoters worldwide. Our Magazine is used, as a great public relations tool.

Thanks to HOT, Houstonians no longer have to leave home, to get their talent on. Best of all, HOT holds daily talent auditions for our television show.

Continue to visit our website at to learn more about HOT or Houston's Own Talent.

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