Girl groups, Quartets, Trios, Duets, solo artists, some are fleeting. Some are unforgettable. Some may be in the business just for the fortune, the fame, and the ever-present gaudy costumes. Then there are a few, a select few, a welcomed, select few, who are in it because of what’s in their hearts, period. Those few who are fueled by that burning desire to sing meaningful songs and touch people’s lives with their music.

Witness the singing sensation, Christal Garrick II, aka Christal. A beautiful songbird, that is sure to capture the industry’s attention with her unfettered innocence, her unique style and her impassioned attitude. Christal’s silky voice resonates throughout the sky as she sings and exemplifies an epitomizing and refreshing blend of sexiness, sassiness, earthiness, realness, and most important, raw talent.

Christal, from Houston Texas, has been singing since the tender age of ten. Her talent and skills, which she so eloquently combines with her renditions of cover tunes, leaves audiences in shock after performances. Her inspiration comes from great singers like Mariah Carey, Yolanda Adams, Whitney Houston, and Patti Labelle. “The reason I have chosen to pursue a career as an artist is because the Lord has blessed me with a talented voice, and I am going to use it. I have every bit of confidence that I will succeed in this business because, all things are possible through Christ who strengthens me.” Christal also believes that the _expression of her individuality will help separate her from the myriad of other would-be and existing female solo artists.

Throughout the years spent Christal has performed on numerous stages, in front of thousands of eyes, and all walks of people. She’s opened for acts such as Def Soul recording artist, “CASE”, and “The Stewart Singers” just to name a few. She has performed at the Junior Olympics, The National Dare Office Association, the Helen Baylor Gospel Fest, and has accomplished the difficult task of winning 1st place on the famous “Showtime at the Apollo” She also occasionally sits in with the band at the “Sunset Room” (a prominent upscale club in Los Angeles California)

Chistal’s talent doesn’t stop at singing either. Christal has recently starred in a made for DVD action adventure horror film called “The Trip”.  She was also recently cast for a lead role in a major motion picture called “We Are the Champions”. The picture is being produced by one of Hollywood’s Oscar winning producers, Jonathan Sanger, who gave us movies like “The Elephant Man”, “Mission Impossible”, and “Vanilla Sky”

Chistal has been in and out of studios working with many known producers and songwriters, appearing in all genres of publicity, whether through acting or modeling, and putting herself through artist development, to simply stay ahead of the game. Christal eagerly anticipates every chance to shine, and is ready, willing, and able, to work totally tireless, in an effort to reach her goal. She has performed for Houston's Own Talent many times. So what’s the message that this stunning and talented new vocalist will deliver to music fans? One thing is for sure, it’s as clear as Christal!

Baby Christal Knows How To Touch  Your Heart!!!